MOA Forming the Partnership

Intergovernmental Agreement Establishing

The Five Mile Creek Greenway Partnership

June 2002

1.       PURPOSE

The purpose of the Five Mile Greek Greenway Partnership (“Partnership”) is to promote and facilitate coordinated and cohesive planning, development, and maintenance of a network of greenways, parks, trails, and points of interest along the Five Mile Creek Corridor.

2.      SCOPE

This greenway system will enhance the quality of life for citizens and visitors by striving to:

a)      Provide safe and efficient alternative transportation linkages between recreational sites, open spaces, residential areas, employment centers, educational and cultural facilities, and other activity centers;

b)      Encourage citizen wellness and promote opportunities for recreational activities;

c)      Protect environmental assets, retain and restore beneficial ecological habitats;

d)      Maintain a contiguous urban forest ecosystem to reduce region-wide environmental problems such as flooding from excessive storm water runoff, water pollution, air quality degradation resulting in non-attainment status, human health hazards and urban climate change;

e)      Reclaim abandoned industrial, commercial and residential properties such as “Brownfields”;

f)       Promote an appreciation for Five Mile Creek’s natural, historical and cultural heritage and that of its neighborhoods;

g)      Protect and link significant remnants of the various communities’ undeveloped open spaces, woodlands, and wetlands; and

h)      Enhance the aesthetics along the corridor to encourage tourism, promote economic development, and improve the living environment for residents.


The Partnership shall have the following responsibilities and duties:

a)      To support a joint effort to study the socioeconomic and environmental needs of the Five Mile Creek Greenway Corridor and ultimately develop a consensus based master plan that may be amended from time to time, and to work to implement a coordinated system of greenways into each jurisdiction’s planning efforts;

b)      To advise and inform the governing bodies and the citizens along the corridor of existing, planned, and potential opportunities for establishing greenways;

c)      To make recommendations to the governing bodies relative to desirable federal, state, and local legislation concerning greenway programs and related activities;

d)      To investigate and recommend funding, grants, and/or donations of land, easements, property or services from the United States of America, the State of Alabama, their agencies, local governments and organizations, private citizens, corporations, institutions, and others to promote, construct or maintain greenways within the corridor;

e)      To study and recommend uniform standards for the design and construction of greenways, including sign standards, to be employed corridor-wide;

f)       To actively pursue and promote public/private partnerships, work closely with the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham and the Black Warrior-Cahaba Rivers Land Trust, and facilitate cooperation among the various governing bodies along the corridor in developing, constructing and maintaining a system of greenways throughout the corridor; and

g)      To coordinate the efforts of the federal, state and local jurisdictions along the corridor to create a corridor-wide system of greenways and trails that satisfies the needs of all residents.


The Five Mile Creek Greenway Partnership shall be composed of members, appointed as follows:

a)      At least one appointed member from the following governing bodies shall represent the interest of his or her jurisdiction upon the signing of this Agreement, although more than one representative can attend Partnership meetings and participate in the consensus building process: the City of Birmingham, the City of Tarrant, the City of Fultondale, the City of Brookside, the City of Graysville, and the County of Jefferson;

b)      One or more representatives from the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham responsible for facilitating Partnership meetings and coordinating the regional planning efforts; and

c)      One or more representatives from the Black Warrior-Cahaba Rivers Land Trust responsible for communicating and coordinating land acquisitions associated with the Jefferson County Greenways Program; and

d)      A host of other supporting government agencies (e.g. CAWACO), businesses and non-profit organizations that may assist the Partnership as needed without any legal obligations or appointed membership.


Upon the signing of this Agreement by all member government bodies and organizations as listed above, the Partnership shall be effective and officially recognized by its membership and by other government agencies, non-profit organizations, corporations and third party consultants assisting the efforts of the Partnership. The terms of this Agreement may be subject to change or nullification upon the official adoption of any future amendments authorized by the officials representing each member of the Partnership. This agreement shall become effective upon its execution by all members of the Partnership.

The following entities signed the MOA in June 2002

City of Birmingham

City of Tarrant

City of Fultondale

City of Brookside

City of Graysville

City of Center Point

County of Jefferson

Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham

Black Warrior – Cahaba Rivers Land Trust