Red Rock Ridge and Valley Trail

How the Five Mile Creek trail locations on the Red Rock Ridge and Valley Trail  were established –

Sections of the Five Mile Creek Greenway have been in the planning stages since 2003. Greenway Partnership members explored the potential walking, biking and canoeing routes in the Five Mile Creek watershed. The results of this work is recorded in the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham publication “Blueprint for Greenways in the Heart of Alabama: A Manual for Implementation of Greenway Plans Using Five Mile Creek Greenway as an Example” written by Francesca Gross, the Five Mile Creek Greenway Partnership Coordinator.  Those potential routes were integrated into the Health Action Partnership Project “Our One Mile”, a Greenway Master Plan for Jefferson County, in 2011. The results of the Our One Mile  study is the Red Rock Ridge and Valley Trail System.

To take a look at the trails proposed for Five Mile Creek, open this PDF file.

Red-Rock-Ch-7-Five-Mile-Corridor (Size 5 MB)
Other trail building information was also amassed for the project including expert advice on what to do first  and how to maintain it after it is built.

Here are few other chapters with great information on trail building-

Red-Rock-Ch-1-Summary  (537 KB)

Red-Rock-Ch-2-Existing-Conditions (2.4 MB)

Red-Rock-Ch-13-Phasing (151 KB)

Red-Rock-Ch-14-Maintenance (55 KB)

Red-Rock-Ch-15-Appendix  (52 KB)

Complete documents and maps are located on the web site



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