Fultondale Greenway Leadership retires


Fultondale city inspector Darryl Aldrich to retire after 17 years

After 17 years of inspecting buildings in Fultondale, Darryl Aldrich is calling it a career.

Aldrich announced his retirement during Monday morning’s regular session of the Fultondale City Council (November 24, 2014).

 To say that the landscape of the city has changed over Aldrich’s tenure is an understatement. He inspected all of the new businesses that have made Fultondale home in the last decade, such as the Promenade Shopping Center. He’s also worked through the destruction of numerous structures during the 2011 tornado.

Now, Aldrich is going back to what he was doing before he took the Fultondale job. He’s going back to raising fish in a hatchery — tilapia, to be specific.

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